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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

no. 016 [my 'twin sister'...]

"Made In Heaven" by Queen
In life we meet a handful of people that impact our lives the very moment that we meet them. They help shape our lives, they are always there for us, and they make life worth living. For me Isa was one of those people.

I've known Isa for as long as I can remember. We were only two months apart, and even though we weren't related, we still had this close connection. From preschool, to sharing our hometown, to close family ties, and a love for music, we had so much in common.

We've had so many good times together. Like the time we went camping, and she didn't bring an air mattress, or how we made cherry 7/7's on New Year's because we didn't have Sprite, and the natural flavored 7 Up was just nasty, and I remember how we each took one sip of our "concoction", and we couldn't drink it anymore. Or the time we went to see the movie Click, but we didn't want each other to see us crying at the end of it. Or most recently, the last time I saw her, when we teased her for losing her voice on the 4th of July.

I think it's the little things that I'm going to remember most about her. Like how when I'd come over she'd run down the stairs to give me a big hug, or how she would text me and I'd call her right afterward, and our conversations would always start with her saying "I just texted you!", or how she was such a lightweight when it came to drinking, the way she'd always ask me to tune her guitar with an innocent "please" smile on her face, or the way she'd eat more than I did, but especially her laugh. Those are things that I'll never forget.

People that have read my past blogs know that I like to pre-write them, and edit them before I post them, I couldn't do it with this one. This one had to be solely from the heart. I've been walking around this one for a month, and I've been putting it off. It's not so much about not having time, but more about letting time pass, so that I'd be strong enough to write this.

I think in the 21 short years Isa had with us she's lived a more fulfilling, exciting, loving, and happier life than those in their seventies or eighties. She approached each and every day with a huge smile on her face. I don't think I've ever heard her say one negative thing about anyone, or anything, ever. She was the absolute definition of an optimist. She took life by the horns and she did it with a smile. She followed her dreams, touched every single life that she came across, and she lived life the way she wanted to. She had the one thing I wish I had, the ability to not care about what other people think.

I wish to retract the way I talked about her, as if she's gone. As long as we keep her in our hearts she'll live forever. I told someone not refer to her as if she was in the past, and then I go and do the very same thing. Isa 'wasn't' one of those people that helped shape my life, she still is. That's how much of an impact she left, and is still leaving.

Unfortunately we can't really understand what we have until it's gone. Being the oldest of four boys I always wanted a sister, but I was too blind to see that I only spent the first two months of my life without one. To my opposite, my first real friend, and my "twin sister", you will be in my heart forever, and not one day will go by without me thinking of you, or your smile. Until we meet again, I will try my best to carry on, and do what God put me on this Earth to do.

As she begins her new journey, her new adventure, deep down in my heart I know that she's doing it with a huge smile on her face. She's gone back to where she came from, and now, even though she was from the day she was made in heaven, she's an angel. One day, when my time here is over, I'll see her smiling face again. And she'll be up there, waiting for me, with a cherry 7/7 in one hand, and her guitar in the other, waiting for me to tune it, and she'll give me the biggest hug ever, and she'll do it all with a huge smile on her face, like she always has…