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Saturday, October 20, 2007

no. 017 [death ends lives, not relationships (my best paper)...]

"A Bad Dream" by Keane

PREFACE: I read this today, and thought that it was very appropriate to start this one off...enjoy. -Ant

"Dumb Star/Smart Moon"
today may be the end of the world. i tell myself that from time to time. it may sound psychotic but it can be helpful. an important thing to remind yourself is that while the earth may not explode into a million pieces today… you might not be around tommorow to see if it does. take in the air and breathe deep. take chances. give love and allow yourself to recieve it.

this is just a blurry focus.

seemingly lost, something is found.

all by your lonesome

you are alive.

-colin (of Circa Survive)


I don't post these to make anyone sad, or to keep bringing back any "bad memories". You have to understand that this is my way of coping with a tough situation, and hopefully those that read it can take something from this to help them cope as well. Thank you.

My very first paper at California State University Stanislaus
(written as a Reaction Paper to the film "Tuesdays With Morrie" for my Human Development: Adulthood & Aging Class, September 2007)

"Death Ends Lives, Not Relationships"
aka "my best paper"

(you may have to click on the pictures to read them)

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