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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

no. 022 [my thirsty fish...]

"There Is" by Box Car Racer

It's never fun when life throws you a curve-ball, deals you a huge blow, gives you lemons, whatever metaphor you like best. It can change so much. It can change the way you act, the way you think, your view of someone, your view of yourself, it can change so much.

I try to take every bump in the road, curve-ball, lemon, what have you, as a chance to learn something. More times than not you learn something about yourself.

I honestly think that feeling alone is a universal feeling. At any given time there is someone, somewhere who feels lonely. Sometimes it's not that bad, other times it can eat at you inside, and unfortunately for some it could become life threatening. I can honestly say that I know that we've all felt alone. The degree to how alone we've felt will vary, but everyone has felt alone.
It's almost ironic. Just think about it. Loneliness is the greatest universal feeling; so many people, feeling alone, at the same time. It's like a thirsty fish.
You never want to hear that someone you care about feels alone. That's hard news to deal with. It's even harder when the news makes you think about yourself.
I think it's easier if we all think about it in rational terms. No matter how we feel, there will always be someone else, somewhere, that feels the exact same way. Whether it be happy, sad, angry, confused, scared, nervous, even lonely. It could seem as if no one feels what you feel, but in reality, that someone who knows what you are going through could be closer than you think.

Sometimes its that bump in the road that makes you examine yourself in a whole new light.
I think if we speak up we'll realize that we're not alone. Talking about it may seem scary, but in reality I think it's a tremendous help. If we don't speak up people won't know how we feel. (And there, I did it again without thinking about it. I took one idea, and connected it to a bunch of others.) Whether it's expressing your love for someone, telling someone your opinion, letting someone know that you're scared, or expressing that you feel lonely.The idea of the thirsty fish, to me, is that we all have our problems, but the solution is out there. Sometimes, in the case of the fish, it's closer than you think. But if you open your eyes, and look hard enough, you might just find it.

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