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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

no. 024 [there's a meaning for this...]

"Is There A Ghost" by Band Of Horses

Everything happens for a reason. I'm a very firm believer of that. But sometimes it's hard to find meaning in something. Sometimes it can seem as if there is no reason, no meaning for something that has happened. It can be that it doesn't make sense, you see no need for it, or you just plain don't understand it. But more times than not, if you really look into it, you might find a meaning, or a reason.

I think if more people would keep that in mind things would be a lot easier. But for some it's a little harder to believe. But I think if you look hard enough, and ask yourself the right questions, you may find that meaning, or reason after all.

Of course not everything will have the same meaning. Sometimes different things can have different meanings to other people. But I think that everything is meaningful in its own way.

Whether its trying to understand your feelings, trying to understand your actions, trying to understand 'them', trying to understand yourself, trying to understand why a good friend would just up and move away within two hours notice, trying to understand why your iPod is making a screeching noise, or even trying to understand meaning in the lyrics to a song that repeats the same verse five times. Everything, and everyone has meaning, you just gotta look for it. If you dismiss something as being meaningless the first time, you may never really be able to see what it truly means later on…

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