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Sunday, January 20, 2008

no. 027 [my past, present, & future self...]

"Move On" by Jet

As much as the truth hurts, more times than not, we need to hear it. Sometimes we're so quick to judge others that we can't see that we're doing the same thing ourselves. Maybe we're not doing the exact same thing, but very close to it, enough that we become hypocrites.

The thing about the past is that it can only control our future if we let it. I'm not saying to forget the past, but clinging onto it won't do a thing. On the other hand, running away from it can't help either.

It's all about time. If you live in the past you'll miss the future; if you run away from your past, you'll miss the present; and if you are too busy with the future, you'll forget your past; and if you're too busy focusing on any one of them, time will pass you by. Sometimes it takes someone to point out your flaws to see what you're doing wrong. It could be that you're so afraid of the past that you go completely out of your way to avoid it; or that you are so obsessed with tomorrow, that you miss today; or that you cling onto that little shred of hope, praying that it'll work out, while passing up a new opportunity to what you're clinging onto in the first place. People have a hard time moving on, but it's something that has to be done. You can move on from a series of things, relationships, friends, a death, anything really. I guess the best way to move on is to not forget about your past, but not to live in it. If we live for today, and remember yesterday, tomorrow won't be so bad...

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