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Monday, March 8, 2010

no. 037 [my yellow brick road...]

"Over The Rainbow" by The Blanks

Every so often something comes along and pulls people together into a journey of self discovery and realization that surpasses anyone's expectations, and even reality. My trip to Peru was one of them. While in Peru I could not help but realize how perfect and so much like a movie this journey was, I felt like I had seen this somewhere before. I had come into this a lost and scared boy trying to find something better than what I had come to know. By the time it was all said and done I couldn't help but look back and smile at what had happened over the course of the last two weeks.

I was thrown into this unknown world where I discovered people I kind of knew, but didn't know at the same time. Along this journey I was able to see into the problems of others and join them on their own journey to this Emerald City called realization. It doesn't take a wizard to find out that the answers are, more times than not, right inside of you. Whether you're looking for the brains to be able to make a wise decision, looking for a heart to tell you where to go, if you're searching for the courage to move on, or in my case all of the above, and the want to get back home.

As I walked that yellow brick road with my new old friends I couldn't help but think how each of these people had helped me along the way to my own realization. The Cowardly Lion with his pride, power, prowess, and the ability to give in and care from time to time. The Tin (Wo)Man, with her ability to shield herself from attacks, judgments, her sense of self-knowing, and more importantly her ability to love, not just others, but herself as well, for who they are, and for who she is. And last but certainly not least, The Scarecrow, with her wild sense of humor, her smile, the level of fun she could express, her optimistic point of view, and the intelligence she had inside of her at such a young age. I think I will miss her most of all.

While each continue on their own path I know that what they are looking for is inside of each of them, and that it has been there all along. As for me me, I guess I just needed to be brought to that realization. For now I will slip on my ruby slippers and walk that golden path, alone, in hopes that I will discover the answers inside of me: my brains, my heart, and my courage; but for right now I'm just glad to be home...

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