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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Peru Trip Soundtrack

01. "Rip The Universe" by Reverie Sound Revue
->"Opening Credits"/The Blog

02. "Two Is Better Than One" by Boys Like Girls (Feat. Taylor Swift)
->The Radio On The Way To The Airport

03. "Heartbreak Warfare" by John Mayer
->Another One For The Radio

04. "Passes & Passports" by Reverie Sound Revue
->At SFO

05. "Countdown (Sick For The Big Sun)" by Phoenix
->Leaving SFO/On The Plane/It Begins...

06. "Starstrukk" by 3OH!3
->Blasting Over The Plane's P.A. In El Salvador (LOL!)

07. "El Salvador" by Athlete
->In El Salvador (Duh!)

08. "Rome" by Phoenix
->From El Salvador To Peru

09. "Good Morning (The Future)" by Rogue Wave
->Arriving In Peru

10. "One Of These Things First" by Nick Drake
->On The Way To Tia Tula's House

11. "Kiss The Sky" by Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra (Feat. Nino Moschella)
->The Market In Callao

12. "Cousins" by Vampire Weekend

13. "Question" by Old 97's
->The Wedding

14. "Bassment Party" by The Cool Kids
->The Party!

15. "Yellow Taxi" by Matt Costa
->Awesome Taxi Ride

16. "Tidal Wave" by Owl City
->Circuito Magico del Aqua (Water-esk Park) w/Suzett

17. "Sleepyhead" by Passion Pit
->Suzett's Song

18. "Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz
->Taxi Cab Radio

19. "Without A Love Story (Taylor Swift vs. U2)" by Stereogum & Team9
->U2 On The Radio/Thinking...

20. "Sweet Disposition" by The Temper Trap
->The Center Of Callao

21. "This Could Take Forever" by Kiddo
->Back To School Shopping For Briana

22. "That's Not My Name" by The Ting Tings
->Suzett Calling Me "Anthony"

23. "Diner" by Martin Sexton
->The Sandwich Shop Around The Corner

24. "Mykonos" by Fleet Foxes
->The Museum Of Real Phelipe

25. "Forever Young" by Youth Group
->The Mass For My Little Cousin

26. "Lo Que Paso, Paso" by Daddy Yankee
->Really Bad Karaoke

27. "Kingdom Of The Animals" by Iron & Wine
->La Parque De Las Leyendas (Zoo)

28. "Paper Planes (Diplo Street Remix)" by M.I.A. (Feat. Bun B & Rich Boy)
->Fancy Dinner w/Millionaire Aunt

29. "Swim" by Surfer Blood
->La Costa Verde En Chorillos

30. "Surprise Hotel" by Fool's Gold
->The Show/Suzett's Last Night In Peru

31. "Love Like A Sunset Part II" by Phoenix
->Suzett Leaves/The Letter/Interlude...

32. "The A.M." by Reverie Sound Revue
->Up Early/My Last Sunday In Peru

33. "Lovers' Carvings" by Bibio
->Backyard Dinner Party At My Aunt's

34. "Lullaby" by The Spill Canvas
->Thinking About You Know Who...

35. "Losing Sleep (Acoustic)" by Charlotte Sometimes
->Can't Sleep/Briana Bugging The Living Crap Out Of Me

36. "Souvenirs" by Architecture In Helsinki
->Shopping In La Victoria (The Underground) w/Carlos

37. "Such Great Heights" by Iron & Wine
->The Crazy Egg Lady...

38. "Family Business" by Kanye West
->Manic Attack In Peru/The Call Home...

39. "Hide And Seek" by Imogen Heap
->Talking To Lyndzie

40. "Far Away" by Knacker
->Damn Florida...

41. "Lost At Home" by The Sun
->Super Boring Day At Home

42. "Lost In The Supermarket" by The Clash
->Tottus (Peruvian Supermarket)

43. "Hey Ya (Solo Version)" by Obadiah Parker

44. "Hallelujah (Live)" by John Cale

45. "Cascade" by Reverie Sound Revue
->The Market In Callao (Again)

46. "Everything Goes Away" by Careless
->Tio Francisco's Wise Words/36136/Thinking Of You Know Who...

47. "Homesick" by The Vines
->Homesick/Phone Home

48. "Vanilla Twilight" by Owl City

49. "We Can Try" by Between The Trees
->The Letter To...

50. "Look What You've Done" by Jet
->Awaiting An Answer

51. "Today's The Day" by Aimee Mann
->My Last Day In Peru

52. "No Words To Say" by Maplewood Lane
->The Answer...

53. "Not Ready To Go" by The Trews
->Saying Goodbye

54. "Love Like A Sunset (Complete)" by Phoenix
->Leaving Peru/The Plane Taking Off

55. "Around You" by Sherwood
->On The Plane/My Way Home

56. "Close To Home" by The Get Up Kids

57. "I'll Catch You" by The Get Up Kids

58. "Let Go" by Frou Frou
->Letting Go...

59. "One Marathon" by Reverie Sound Revue
->Home/The Start Of Something New...

60. "First Day Of My Life" by Bright Eyes
->The End/"Closing Credits"

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