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Friday, October 22, 2010

no. 047 [my broken record trainwreck...]

"17" by Sky Ferreira

Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice...or so they say. Now I think it would be best if I stated that this writing is not meant in a negative light. I feel almost bad writing this, but part of me feels that it needs to be done. You see, if you see something that's wrong sometimes its good to bring it to someone's attention. But the way I look at it, you might as well kill two birds with one stone. The pen is mightier than the sword, but I don't mean this to cut, but rather to leave a little bit of a scratch, or maybe even a scar. A scar that will hopefully fade away as you grow up...that is if that ever happens.

this is a lullaby, not intended to make you cry,
but to open up your eyes,

and in this lullaby you got to do right,
before you die...
before you die

It's a shame how a single sentence can change your entire opinion about someone. Loose lips sink ships, and for all intents and purposes that Titanic sits broken in half at the bottom of the Atlantic, along with everything good I ever thought about that once contender, now throwing the fight. But even cliche' lyrics can't do it justice, the feeling of disappointment, the let down, because I thought she could make me forget. You could never quite get over that bar, could you?

A kiss, a kiss, a kiss is the infraction that got him a lifelong ban. Comparatively I thought it was ridiculous, more so now than ever, but she plays by her own rules, rules that she makes up as she goes along. Because God forbid that she's wrong. No, not her. You see, in her mind she is the victim. A victim of circumstance, a victim of society, too bad she can't see that she's a victim of her own doing.

mom and dad they don't seem to understand...

Emails from a worried mother are now seen in a new light. Words once said negated by 360 remarks. Hypocrisy looks good on you my dear, but I don't quite think it matches your eyes. Deep down I still see some good in her, but then again the same exact thing was said about Darth Vader.
I wonder how much longer she can get away with her dirty little secret, until it catches up to her, and makes her see what I do. Keep this up and you will never be a real girl, you'll just stay as plastic as you are. I'm sorry my dear, but your nose is growing. It's a shame though, because you're the one that put yourself into that category, no one else.

If you have to start a text with "I'm sorry if I'm bothering you" chances are that you are in fact bothering me. I'm sorry, but I don't deal with hypocrites anymore. Ignored is what you are, but don't fret, I have a "call me when you grow up" policy. You'll of course have to meet the requirements first. Good luck with that.

Now I know, this writing may sound a bit childish and harsh, but hopefully in doing so she'll be able to relate. I will refrain from third grade phrases, because once again this isn't intended to make you cry, but to open up your eyes. Open your eyes to how ridiculous you sound, how you are NOT the victim, how dumb you are being. You tell me how much you hate it there, then flip the script on Facebook. Hypocrisy thy name is you. Yet you wonder why your mother worries when you yourself are waiting for possible life changing news. Wake up and smell the stupid, girl. It's your own game, yet you're losing. As for me...I've grown tired of this game a long time ago.

she said she doesn't need anyone at all
they say shes living way too fast
i wonder how long she can last before she the ground

It seems that everyone knows but you. Maybe its your social awkwardness, but who knows. All I know is that I've said it before, I don't need a project; I don't want to fix you. And you my dear are just not worth the effort. Not after this. I can only hope that this stuck. Because this is the last line I'll write about who I don't want to write about anymore.

And with that she becomes a figment of the past, with an X through the Y & Z, metaphorically crossing her off that list of possible champions. Shame really, she seemed to show promise. I guess promise isn't something she can keep...

I guess until she realizes her ways she'll always remain that childish little hypocrite, that hot mess. Poor girl. She used to be the one that could make me smile, but now, now she's just my broken record trainwreck.

ba ba ba di da da da da da
ba ba ba di da da da da da
ba ba ba di da da da da da
ba ba ba di da da da da da

ps: dead sharks are never funny...

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