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Thursday, January 13, 2011

no. 059 [i'll run...]

"I'll Run (Strings Version)" by The Cab

It's such a cliche', the saying that one would do anything for someone; would do anything for love. I thought this to be true for so long, but what happens when what you need to do is something that you just can't?

I'm so stubborn. I am here at a brick wall, knowing in my mind that there may just be no way around this, yet my heart holds hope dear. I can't make this right. I can't change who I am, yet something won't let me give up. My heart refuses to lose this fight.

I stay thick-headed and even thicker-hearted, overlooking everything, hoping that somehow love will find a way. The ice on my heart is slowly melting, and my legs are no longer paralyzed. But tell me, if I run will you be there at the finish line?

I guess no matter what I do I will always have this sense of hope, this sense of faith. I always thought I lacked faith, but now I know I've had it all along, and it's in you. I just can't say never. My heart won't believe it. My faith in you and in our love just won't die. But tell me you have a little faith in me and I'll run.

The paths are laid out, as clear as day. But I don't know which I will choose. Will I run, or will I runaway? Just give me a sign, and I'll stay, I'll try, I'll work it out, I'll run...

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  1. This blog was way too short. I suggest that you re-do it ;)